Top Apps to Check Daily, As Told By the Raftr Team

raftr team top apps

Whether for fun or for functionality, most of use some of the apps on our devices on a daily basis. Some apps help you get work done, while others provide a lovely brain break from that work.

Whatever their purpose, we asked members of the Raftr team to share their favorite apps to check daily. Here’s what they said:

NYTimes Crossword
I like doing the mini crossword, it’s a nice quick way to engage my brain doing something different.

Pulse Messaging Excellent 3rd party messaging client for Android, has great good widget support and good “Quick Share” functionality for sharing content from other apps.

Max McClorey, Raftr Product Developer

It’s like Vine 2.0, but even better. I love seeing the original funny content people create and its a great way for me to destress at the end of the day and catch up on trends.  

Liz Penfold, Raftr Content Manager

This app is a great tool to stay in touch with a bunch of different topics from all around the world. The funny thing is that you could find discussions on anything that you can think of, it’s great!, I enjoy reading my frontpage every morning.

Matias Maddonni, Android Developer

Podcast App
Every-time I look at it I see great content with different topics, entertainment, learning new things, comments about the last GOT episode.  

Carla Comunetti, QA Support

Beyond the daily grind of email, messaging, photo, audiobook, and fitness apps.. I check Pinterest the most – it’s fun to see ideas for DIY projects, food, etc.  When I need to decompress, I like that it inspires me to be more creative, so I don’t feel like I’m totally wasting time.

Hannah Bariteau, Product Manager

Weather Channel
I live in the Midwest, where the weather can change by the minute, so I check the Weather Channel app almost compulsively. Some time ago, they added an outdoor report feature that tells you the best time of day to get outside, which makes scheduling an outdoor run so much easier.

Mandy Seaman, Director of Growth