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Meet Raftr:

The most inclusive & innovative student success & retention software to connect campus communities, across the entire student journey.


Eliminate redundancy and increase efficiency by integrating your current LMS, SIS, CRM, Housing Software systems and more, with Raftr.


Get white glove support from former higher ed professionals, minimizing support requests for admin and IT while still maintaining technological oversight.


Understand the connectedness of your campus at all time while driving retention and yield through real time access to actionable student engagement data.

Swap your outdated campus app for a modern community-first student platform.

Want to focus more on DE&I or Parent & Family Communities? We've got you covered.

Raftr YouBelong

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Solution
The Best Platform for Building Custom, Private, Online DE&I Communities.

Use Raftr to:

Provide accessible safe spaces for your students.

Make sure that none of your students feel disenfranchised by creating designated safe spaces for them to communicate with admin, each other, or find helpful resources, discreetly.

Create a community where every student can belong.

Enrolled students—especially minoritized students—struggle with feeling disconnected while trying to navigate college life. Give them a private, custom community to help them find their niche, their people, and get judgment free support, however suits them best.

Create personalized, custom communication channels.

Make sure you’re reaching everybody as effectively as you’d like by collecting feedback, polling results, and community sentiment metrics to create a community of belonging, so your students will feel more at ease, and connected to campus. 

Raftr FamilyConnect

Parent & Family Solution
Keeping Families in the Loop for a Fully Connected Campus Experience.

Use Raftr to:

Create a family-wide connection to campus.

Did you know that 48% of high school students rank “parental influence” as one of their top five sources of information on the admissions process. Create a custom, private parent & guardian community and start making sure the whole family feels like they belong on campus.

Keep parents & family up-to-date.

Free up valuable admin and staff time, previously spent on responding to inquiries from parents & family members of prospective or current students. Leverage your custom, private parent & family community to send useful notifications, resources, reminders, and more, to keep everybody in the loop.

Give parents & family the resources they need.

Provide checklists, resources & notifications to help parents gain the insights they need to assist their students throughout the admissions process – or the entire campus journey – and avoid any unforeseen hurdles, conflicts, or misunderstandings.

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