Engaging Your Audience, Inclusively – What’s Working & What’s Not in 2023.

Thursday, March 23rd, 2023 @ 1pm EST

Hosted by:

Karlyn Bradley
Founder/CEO, The High Priestess Consulting Company
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Mike Rodrique
Client Success Manager, Raftr
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Alex Jackson
Account Executive, Raftr
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What is Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, really? And why does it matter to your community?

Join us for a virtual fireside chat with CEO/Founder of The High Priestess Consulting Company, DEI expert, thought-leader and organizer, Karlyn Bradley, as they do a deep dive into what “Diversity,” “Equity” and “Inclusion” really mean.

Co-hosted by Raftr’s Mike Roderique (former Assistant Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion at Aurora Community College), and Alex Jackson M.S. (Non-Profit / Public / Organizational Management from Columbia University), we’ll discuss the implications of having a truly diverse organization, the common challenges related to DEI, and some strategic tips and best-practices – so you can be sure that all of your community members feel as though they belong. 

During our session, we’ll go over:
  • Why DEI needs to become a community-wide initiative.
  • How to put sustainable DEI strategies into practice.
  • How to create brave, empathetic spaces for members.

Webinar Speakers

Karlyn Bradley
The High Priestess Consulting Company

Karlyn Bradley (They/Them) is a Black, Fat, Queer, Femme, with degrees in Political Science and Gender and Women’s Studies from the University of Arizona and uses They/Them pronouns. Karlyn is a scholar, theorist, community organizer, artist and educator. 

They have been able to use and expand their knowledge of Intersectional Feminist Theory to create programming that educates and empowers folks around topics of Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation and Power Dynamics. Their studies in Political Science and Gender and Women’s Studies at The University of Arizona, have also shaped and influenced their ability to understand, critique and analyze policy through a critical race feminist lens.

Click Here to learn more about Karlyn Bradley.

Mike Rodrique
Client Success Manager,

Mike Roderique (he/him) is a Client Success Manager with Raftr, Intercultural Development Inventory Qualified Administrator, and volunteer with Redline Contemporary Art Center’s Youth Art Mentoring & EPIC Arts programs in Denver, CO.  He is also the former Assistant Director of DEI at the Community College of Aurora. 

Mike holds an extensive background in Higher Ed (four-year institutions, community colleges, PWIs, HSIs, MSIs) with tons of experience in belongingness, training, strategic planning, community-building, culture, intergroup dialogue, and community organizing. 

Mike is also a proud first-gen grad with his BA from the University of Wisconsin- Green Bay in Studio Art, Theatre, and Human Development and his MA in Higher Education from the University of Denver.

Alex Jackson
Account Executive,

Alex Jackson (she/her) is an Account Executive with Raftr, engaging with nonprofits and labor unions to build activated community networks with a mission. Alex is a passionate advocate for the impact of technology on mission-driven organizations and the equity and inclusion considerations crucial to the sector and the communities served.

Alex transitioned to nonprofit technology solutions after starting her career in electoral political campaigns and nonprofit direct services. She holds a MS degree in Nonprofit Studies from Columbia University, amplifying her scholarship with direct work experience as a program coordinator with Teachers College Reading and Writing Project.

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