Community apps, reimagined, to boost membership & retention

Raftr’s community apps connect, engage, and motivate members, while turning community analytics into invaluable insights to help propel initiatives forward. 

Custom community apps for groups of any shape or size

Higher Ed

Labor Union


Explore community building best practices, learn innovative strategies, and hear first-hand partner success stories

Build engaging community experiences

Bring your membership management in-house to keep your community data private, improve the member experience and provide a centralized space for your members to thrive.

Measure sentiment to be proactive

Get access to critical metrics on community sentiment and engagement to help better focus your resources, identify members who are struggling, and elevate active users to become new, future leaders.

Reach members with targeted precision

Reach members with targeted precision in 2 unique ways: by sending timely messages and data-driven nudges and by auto-curating info and resources from calendars & content across the web.

Why do communities choose Raftr?

Raftr has always believed that retention & engagement are directly influenced by inclusion & belonging – And that goes for how we treat our partners too!

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