Raftr for Labor Unions

Unlock the full strength of your union’s collective bargaining power

Build engagement, drive collective action and keep your union members informed during critical times like bargaining & negotiation. Send real-time updates, enable peer-to-peer messaging and easily distribute targeted SMS or push notifications.

Onboard and unify union members

Welcome union members into your secure, custom-branded community app available for iOS, Android, and web. Centralize onboarding resources, event calendars, union materials, and important updates. Foster a strong sense of community and belonging among members, increasing their engagement and loyalty.

Strengthen member engagement

Keep your members informed and engaged with real-time action alerts and important industrial actions through push notifications, SMS alerts, or in-app direct messages. Nurture connections among members with a shared cause and purpose, encouraging active participation in union activities.

Streamline critical communications

Effectively manage communication during crucial periods such as bargaining, negotiation, strikes, and other industrial actions. Bypass systems controlled by corporations or institutions, ensuring direct, secure, and immediate communication with your members, even in challenging circumstances.

Mobilize union members for collective action

Keep members informed about opportunities to take collective action and union events. Monitor activity, track engagement, and reach out to members who might need an extra nudge, enhancing your union’s collective power.

Mobilize volunteers to take actions and attend events

Invite volunteers into your private, custom-branded community app to access info on the latest news, events, and opportunities to take action. Create prioritized checklists, track user activity & send SMS and push notifications to members who haven’t engaged recently.

Provide a safe, secure space for communication

Create a safe space for member communication. Facilitate meaningful connections, discussions, and planning through in-app chat, discussion channels, and private direct messages. Protect sensitive information with multi-level permissions, ensuring only the right people have access.

Provide a safe, secure space for communication

 Enable volunteers to connect with one another and build momentum for your cause through in-app chat, discussion channels, and private direct messages. Create multi-level permissions so sensitive information and community conversations can be accessed only by the right people.

Boost collective bargaining power

Rally your members during critical times like negotiations, sending personalized messages about updates, urgent alerts, or time-sensitive events. Enable members to follow negotiation progress, understand the issues at stake, and participate more actively in collective decision-making.

Send personalized messages to volunteers

Send or schedule push notifications and in-app messages to inform volunteers about new calls to action, urgent alerts, or time-sensitive events. Allow volunteers to follow events, access event or action alert details, receive reminders, and RSVP through your existing event management system.

Build member loyalty and advocacy

Convert passive members into active participants and advocates for your cause. Simplify member sign-up during online or in-person events with secure registration codes or pre-approved email authentication.

Convert supporters to volunteers to donors

Sign up community members during online or in-person events with secure registration codes or pre-approved email authentication. Create and promote specific fundraising campaigns within the app. Send push notifications to your most engaged community members and process payments through your existing donation platform.

Integrate with pre-existing systems.

Easily Integrate with other tools like your pre-existing CRM system, donation software, or background check providers – to name a few. Centralize your current systems so you can provide a more comprehensive view of volunteer data engagement, streamline your volunteer screening process, and more.

“We are very excited to start leveraging Raftr to drive the engagement and mobilization levels of our faculty union. It gives us our own safe, dedicated space – separate from those we are negotiating with – to internally organize in the short-term and unite our membership over the long-term.”

Read about our partnership in our press release.

Prof. Emre Yetgin
At-Large Executive and Member of
Rider University Chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP/AFT/AFL-CIO) bargaining team

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