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Unlock the full potential of your connected campus community.

Reach and engage students, alumni, faculty, and parents with Raftr Campus – the only campus app that aggregates content & events from your disparate websites and calendars in customizable hubs, offers secure announcements & peer-to-peer messaging, and generates actionable community insights.

Raftr Campus App

Customize and automate content distribution

Create customizable landing pages and hubs directly in a custom-branded Campus App with our no-code Page Builder. Raftr automatically generates posts, announcements, event information, and personalized feeds from your existing websites, calendars, and social media.

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Reach your campus with targeted messages

Securely send targeted announcements & push notifications to individual users, select user groups, or your entire community. Or, answer questions quickly – via private direct messages or to a public group – in the Campus App.

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Gain insights to improve the campus experience

Easily measure key engagement metrics across different content types and groups. Assess overall platform usage, identify popular content and channels, monitor user demographics, evaluate event engagement, and analyze trends to drive yield, retention, and donations.

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Create community spaces for every part of your campus community.

For Enrolled Students

Drive improved enrolled student retention and experience from orientation through graduation.

Create a dedicated hub for student orientation.

Easily create, distribute and track orientation checklists, helpful resources, and community messages for your orientation program. Empower student leaders to engage with their orientation groups.

Create affinity groups and channels for enrolled students.

Help your enrolled students feel a sense of belonging by providing spaces for affinity groups, interest groups, and clubs to connect, collaborate, and share ideas in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Create a positive relationship between student residents, RAs, and staff.

Create dedicated groups and channels aligned to your Res Life & Housing configuration. Promote RAs to monitor engagement and content in their respective groups and help student residents connect with their community.

For Admitted Students

Drive higher admissions yield with a community hub for your admitted students.

Connect new students before they arrive on campus.

Create a space for your prospective students to connect with each other and your campus, before they even step foot on the quad. Admitted students can access resources, connect with enrolled student guides, and begin preparing for the next school year.

Identify students who haven’t engaged

With Raftr Insights, identify which admitted students haven’t claimed accounts or engaged with your campus community. Create targeted outreach through push notifications or direct messages to increase the likelihood of enrollment.

Create a direct channel for admitted students to ask questions and complete tasks.

Make it easy for admitted students to ask questions, complete tasks like putting down their deposit, and learn more about your community through the channel they are most comfortable using: a mobile app.

For Alumni

Drive alumni engagement and donations.

Create a community hub for reunions or alumni events.

Expanded: Create spaces for alumni to connect with each other and learn more about campus events during reunion, homecoming, and other alumni-oriented events. Organize groups by class year, current industry, affinity, or however you want.

Quick access donations for alumni.

Create modules to direct alumni to your donation management system and send push notifications to alumni during fundraising moments.

Create groups for mentorship.

Empower alumni and students to connect through mentorship opportunities by creating dedicated groups within your community space. Provide a space for alumni to share their expertise, guidance, and real-world experience to support students in their academic and professional journeys.

For Parents & Family

Keep families up-to-date with the latest resources and announcements from campus.

Create a family-wide connection to your campus.

Did you know that 48% of high school students rank “parental influence” as one of their top five sources of information on the admissions process. Create a custom, private parent & guardian community and start making sure the whole family feels like they belong on campus.

Keep parents & family up-to-date.

Free up valuable admin and staff time, previously spent on responding to inquiries from parents & family members of prospective or current students. Leverage your custom, private parent & family community to send useful notifications, resources, reminders, and more, to keep everybody in the loop. Give parents & family the resources they need to help students succeed.

Gives parents & family the resources they need to help students succeed.

Provide checklists, resources & notifications to help parents gain the insights they need to assist their students throughout the admissions process – or the entire campus journey – and avoid any unforeseen hurdles, conflicts, or misunderstandings.

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Integrate with Raftr Campus

Learning Management System (LMS)

Integrate with your existing LMS to allow students to access course materials, schedules, GPA, assignments, grades, and discussions.

Example systems: Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Integrate with your existing CRM to enhance alumni and donor engagement within Raftr. Sync contact information, donation history, event participation, and preferences to provide personalized content and targeted communication.

Example systems: Salesforce, Ellucian, Blackbaud

Student Information System (SIS)

Integrate with your existing SIS to ease account creation, send push notifications to students who haven’t paid tuition, and append demographic tags to better understand engagement across your student population. Allow students to access enrolment data, academic records, transcripts, and schedules and display personalized information for each user in their profile page.

Example systems: Ellucian Banner, PeopleSoft, Jenzabar

Campus events and Calendars

Automatically aggregate campus events from your calendar system, allowing users to view and save events, workshops, and lectures.

Example systems: 25Live, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Integrate with your existing SSO system to streamline authentication and provide users with secure access to your Campus App and other authenticated systems.

Example systems: Shibboleth, Okta, Microsoft Azure AD

Campus Map and Way-Finding

Allows users to view menus and track meal plan usage at campus dining locations.

Example systems: Google Maps, Mapbox, Esri ArcGIS

Food Services and Dining

Save admin time & forgo duplications of work by incorporating your existing systems into your community.

Example systems: Transact Campus, CBORD, TouchNet, Sodexo

Campus Safety and Emergency Alerts

Use your Campus App to send out emergency alerts, report incidents, and access safety resources.

Example systems: Rave Mobile Safety, Everbridge, Regroup Mass Notification

Financial Aid and Billing

Integrate with financial aid and billing systems to enable users to access account information, make payments, and apply for financial aid.

Example systems: Ellucian Colleague, Oracle PeopleSoft, Workday Student

Fitness and Recreation

Integrating with campus fitness and recreation systems allows users to view facility schedules, sign up for classes, and access membership information.

Example systems: Innosoft Fusion, IMLeagues, RecTrac

Career Services & Job Postings

Integration with career services systems enables users to search and apply for internships, jobs, and other professional opportunities.

Example systems: Handshake, Symplicity CSM, GradLeaders

“We’ve come a long way with Raftr in a very short time! Raftr’s support throughout the process allowed us to set up our communities effectively with hands-on guided implementation help and now we’re able to see how users interact with our communities.

I am overall quite satisfied with the early data and we’ll use this information to make decisions for next year.”

Heidi Buffington
Director of Admissions
Saint Louis University – Madrid

Connect Your Campus

Book a quick 15 minute call with one of our Raftr Specialists and discover how your students & admin could benefit from a smart, flexible and adaptive digital community building & retention platform.

Connect Your Campus

Book a quick 15 minute call with one of our Raftr Specialists and discover how your students & admin could benefit from a smart, flexible and adaptive digital community building & retention platform.