Volunteer Engagement

Unlock the impact of your fully engaged volunteer community

Train, engage, and retain volunteers with Raftr for volunteer engagement, a secure community building and insights platform. Automatically aggregate resources, enable peer-to-peer messaging, and easily send targeted SMS or push-notifications to keep everyone up to date on the latest news, events & opportunities to take action.

Train and onboard

Invite your volunteers into your secure, custom-branded community app available for iOS, Android, and web. Centralize onboarding resources, events calendars, support materials, and onboarding checklists so that volunteers can start participating quickly.

Engage and retain

Send action alerts and important announcement through push notifications, SMS alerts, or in-app direct messages to individuals, groups, or your entire community. Follow up directly with volunteers who haven’t engaged and match them with new opportunities.

Increase donations

Send in-app notifications to volunteers based on the donor data tracked in your existing CRM. Allow donors to become recurring donors directly in the app. Gain valuable insights around your volunteer participation and improved program outcomes to secure grant funding.

Mobilize volunteers to take actions and attend events

Invite volunteers into your private, custom-branded community app to access info on the latest news, events, and opportunities to take action. Create prioritized checklists, track user activity & send SMS and push notifications to members who haven’t engaged recently.

Provide a safe, secure space for communication

 Enable volunteers to connect with one another and build momentum for your cause through in-app chat, discussion channels, and private direct messages. Create multi-level permissions so sensitive information and community conversations can be accessed only by the right people.

Send personalized messages to volunteers

Send or schedule push notifications and in-app messages to inform volunteers about new calls to action, urgent alerts, or time-sensitive events. Allow volunteers to follow events, access event or action alert details, receive reminders, and RSVP through your existing event management system.

Convert supporters to volunteers to donors

Sign up community members during online or in-person events with secure registration codes or pre-approved email authentication. Create and promote specific fundraising campaigns within the app. Send push notifications to your most engaged community members and process payments through your existing donation platform.

Shikha Hamilton
Vice President, Organizing


“By bringing our network into a consolidated, secure digital space, we will unite our supporters and move more people into action as we strive to make America safer for all.”

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