How Rider AAUP Harnessed Digital Community to Avoid a Strike & Achieve the Best Contract Possible.

Hosted by:

Quinn Cunningham, Ph.D.
Vice-President for the Rider University Chapter of the AAUP

Emre Yetgin
At-Large Executive for the Rider University Chapter of the AAUP

Terri Rue
Executive Manager for the Rider University Chapter of the AAUP

With the recent resurgence of union popularity, an increasing number of union leaders have sought out new strategies to harness the power of their collective and seek favorable terms for their members – And that’s exactly what the team at the Rider University Chapter of the AAUP did.

Watch the on-demand webinar as our moderators sit down with:

  • Quinn Cunningham, Ph.D., Vice-President, Rider AAUP
  • Emre Yetgin, At-Large Executive, Rider AAUP
  • & Terri Rue, Executive Manager, Rider AAUP
During our session, we’ll go over:
  • What Rider AAUP’s negotiation cycle and communication strategy looked like before adopting Raftr.
  • What prompted the team to start looking into a new community solution.
  • How harnessing the power of community ultimately led to faster negotiations and more favorable outcomes – all without striking.

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