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Every community platform is powered by 4 fundamental elements

Community app

Every Raftr solution includes a secure, authenticated app where members can connect with one another and their community leaders to foster a strong sense of belonging and long-term engagement.

The custom branded app, accessible on iOS, Android, and web browser, provides community leaders with a centralized hub for sharing information, as well as managing access to various spaces & permissions within the app.

Member engagement

Enable community members to connect with one another and build a deeper sense of engagement and belonging.

Content management

Efficiently manage and organize your content to ensure that it’s always easily accessible, up-to-date, and engaging your audience.

Group management

Streamline and simplify group management to ensure effective collaboration, communication, and coordination.


Understand your community better with insights about member & content engagement, and go deeper with custom reports for specific audience segments or user journeys.

Gain insights to improve your community member experience and easily measure key engagement metrics across different content types, groups, and date ranges.

Insights dashboard

Get access to critical metrics on sentiment & engagement – for members as a whole or specific subgroups – to gain a deeper understanding of how your audience is engaging with their community & the content you’re sharing.

Custom reports

Need more info? Our team can measure hundreds of different user interactions and build custom reports to help improve user engagement and retention.

Promotion & Tracking

Leverage your community platform to promote your community events (in-person or online), as well as track attendance (via QR code or manually) and gain invaluable feedback from your members

Admin tools

Our admin tools provide a comprehensive set of features that empower administrators to effectively manage their communities by easily and effectively enhancing communication, saving time, and providing a unique and engaging community experience.

Ensure important updates, announcements, and discussions are effectively communicated, manage member accounts securely, and create a personalized and branded experience for every type of member within you community.

Admin messaging

Ensure your messages reach your member in the most impactful way, whether it’s delivering real-time updates via push notifications, planning & automating content distribution through scheduled posts, or reaching members by email notifications.

Member management

Drive app adoption with seamless account creation, integrated directly with your existing database of record. Set user permissions at the organization or group-level so that content is only accessible to the right users.

App customization

Personalize the look and feel of your app to create a unique and branded experience that aligns with you vision and enhance user engagement. Add your own content, logo, name, and colors.


Save time and streamline your processes, by integrating Raftr with your current tech infrastructure so you can achieve a unified user experience, accelerate implementation, and simplify ongoing management.

Eliminate the need for manual maintenance of user data, group assignments, and content in separate systems – Instead, seamlessly connect with your existing tech infrastructure, to allow for efficient data management and ensure a smooth user experience.

Account & group management

Efficiently manage user accounts and groups with Raftr’s integration options. Our integrations allow for seamless user account creation, authentication, management, and removal, saving your admins valuable time and manual work.

Content management & creation

Enhance user experience with our content management integrations. By pulling content from various sources and displaying it directly in the app, we aim to provide users with a rich, personalized experience.

Included & default integrations

Raftr integrates natively with several systems to provide a seamless user experience. We support integrations with Google Drive and other file management apps, Zoom, Giphy, Pexels, Google Places, Stripe, and Twilio.

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