Labor Union

Build power with next-gen labor union software

Drive short-term organizing initiatives, long-term member retention and strengthen negotiations while moving members of all ages into action with the best community based labor union software.

Almost 40% of current trade union members are aged 50+

Ensure long-term viability and relevance by attracting the next generation to your union with fresh technology so you can strengthen your collective bargaining power & mobilize a larger workforce to fight for better working conditions, benefits, and protections.

The average email open rate for nonprofit membership organizations is less than 40%

Make sure your all of your members are informed and up to date on the latest news & events by centralizing and simplifying union communication and resource sharing, while tracking who has viewed your outreaches so you can easily identify who might need an extra nudge.

Unite your members

Encourage member trust & long-term loyalty by offering an intuitive, secure community platform to engage and communicate with your union, while avoiding the privacy risks of social media.

Target outreach

Leverage community labor union software to turn relevant clicks into massive action. Reach your union members with the right message, at the right time, to keep them engaged & ready to mobilize.

Measure sentiment

Are your union members feeling disconnected from their labor support group? Get a quick pulse on community sentiment with Raftr’s analytics to find out what’s resonating & what’s not.

Build power with easy to implement labor union software

Unions that rely on old school methods of communication often struggle with reaching their entire audience in a way that’s not costly or time consuming.

Enhance member engagement, improve communication and benefit from community data with a secure and user-friendly platform that caters specifically to the needs of your collective bargaining unit.

  • Custom branding
  • User authentication
  • Community analytics

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