Raftr Platform Safety Policy

Raftr Platform Safety & Reporting Policy

Raftr is committed to providing a platform for communication that offers opportunities for students, faculty and staff to connect in a safe environment. Raftr’s Terms of Use prohibit abusive behavior, including hate speech and threats of violence.

Additionally, the following safety and reporting features are available to all users:

Reporting & Reviewing

Any user may flag content for internal review by the Raftr Platform Safety Team, which includes review of the content and any reporting histories of both the reporting party and the content creator.

Content which violates Raftr’s Terms of Service is subject to removal, although repeat offenders or content which receives more than two (2) flags may be subject to administrative action up to and including being removed and banned from the app, at Raftr’s sole discretion.

Illegal or Objectionable Material

Illegal material, including depictions of child sexual abuse, child pornography, or content that advocates terrorist acts, or content instructing or promoting crime or violence is a direct violation of Raftr’s Terms of Service, and is subject to immediate removal from Raftr. Any user who posts illegal material may also immediately be banned from Raftr.  We will also comply with all local and national laws regarding reporting of the content.


Users may block other users’ content from appearing in their feeds. Blocking a user will subsequently prevent the blocking user from seeing the original (blocked) user’s content.  The block will remain in place indefinitely, unless the blocking user chooses to remove it.

This action is recommended for content that does not violate Raftr’s Terms of Service but that the user does not wish to see on his or her feed, such as political views with which you disagree, former hook-up partners from whom you don’t want to hear, or social scenes that you are opposed to..

Raft-Based Guidelines

Leaders of all student-run rafts have the option to establish ground rules and guidelines for use of each individual raft and to post these via each raft’s “rules” feature, which is publicly accessible. Raft leaders bear the responsibility for reviewing, moderating, and managing users of that raft according to the individual raft guidelines.

Users, or their content, that are in violation of raft-level rules may be removed by the raft administrators, but will not automatically be subject to discipline from Raftr.