5 Tips for a Successful Alumni Reunion App

Connecting alumni to engage with your college or university long after their last class on campus can be a challenge, and the alumni reunion or homecoming event can be the catalyst that brings alumni coming back again and again.

That said, keeping up with alumni years after graduation can be a challenge, though advances in technology and development of an alumni reunion app have made great strides in reconnecting alumni. If your alumni relations team is considering introducing an alumni reunion app, read on for five tips for success:

1. Distribute a Clear Calendar of Events

Reunions and homecoming weekends can host a LOT of events, including public events for all alumni and smaller, private events for specific classes or groups. To host a successful college reunion, provide a clear calendar of all events, with the option to filter or explore custom views whenever possible. This will improve your future attendance and registration information. In addition, clear directions or mapping to event locations for physical events (or seamless integrations to virtual meetings for remote events) will ensure alumni have a world-class experience.

2. Customize the Experience by Segments or Groups

When the full alumni network is grouped together, engagement and interaction can be a little overwhelming. But offering alumni to group into segments by class, affinity groups, and regional chapters will spark more interaction and provide a more customized experience for each alum.

With the right app, this will also allow you to reach these segments with targeted communication and messaging.

3. Drive Engagement, Drive Fundraising

Alumni reunions are about reuniting your institution’s graduates, but they are also focused on forging connections that lead to fundraising. Tapping into the nostalgia and emotional connections alumni have their alma mater will provide increased proclivity toward donations, and leveraging digital features like videos and photos in your alumni reunion app are a great way to start conversations and drum up memories.

4. Solicit Feedback and Interaction

Use your alumni reunion app to drive interaction and solicit feedback through surveys and polls. In addition to keeping track, a survey can maximize your chances of improving your college reunions every year by getting real (and real-time) feedback from attendees.

5. Provide Maps, Lists and Guides Packed with Information

Reunions are fun, but for some people, they can also be fairly anxiety-provoking. Arm your alumni with all of the information they need through your app to help minimize anxiety. This information can include dress code guidance, maps of campus events, access to campus wifi networks, and guides for lodging near campus for out-of-town attendees.

College reunion apps require a lot of dedication, coordination and involvement. Following these five tips will allow you to host a successful college reunion, whether on campus or virtually!