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Attracting the Class of 2024: Decoding Gen Z’s Expectations of College Admissions Webinar

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Hosted By:

Allie Levey,
Director of College Counseling at Maret School

Liz Boag,
Head of Sales at Raftr

Join us for a conversation with Alexander Levey, Director of College Counseling at Maret School.

Drawing from his expertise working with esteemed institutions like Princeton University, Dickinson College, and Sidwell Friends School, we sit down with Mr. Levey to talk about how to attract the next generation of college applicants.

During the session, our speakers will discuss:
  • Strategies that admissions teams are putting in place that resonate with high school students today.
  • The shifting academic and on-campus expectations of Gen-Z.
  • The recent pressure on higher ed institutions to drop legacy admissions.