Auto-Curated Content & Calendar Consolidation

Consolidate all of your disparate news & events into a personalized feed, automatically curated to each member’s profile.

Centralized News Feed

Automatically share relevant information while simultaneously saving staff time by leveraging Raftr’s AI to pull articles, news & disparate web sources into a single feed.

Smart Calendar Consolidation

Effortlessly promote your events by giving members access to a single, consolidated calendar view that call pull from department calendars, Facebook group events & more!

Personalized Experience

Don’t worry about overwhelming your community members with too much irrelavent informations – Raftr’s Auto-Curated Content & Calendar Consolidation are tailored to fit each member, uniquely.

Save staff time while making sure everyone is up-to-date with the latest news and events by leveraging Raftr's A.I. to pull information from multiple calendars or feeds into one easy view, personalized to each member.

Connect Your Community

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