Notifications Temporary

Custom Notifications

Don’t be ignored like email – Reach your entire community – or pre-defined cohorts – without the expensive SMS fees.

Direct Access to Members

Let members know of important announcements, like when a key event is happening, when a deadline is approaching, or when they have a specific task to complete, like answer a poll or checklist.

Full Notification Oversight

Make sure your important notifications are being read with Raftr’s Insights Dashboard, and gain oversight on which members are on track and which might need an extra nudge.

User-Specific Settings

Ensure your community members don’t start tuning you out like email by giving them access to custom notification settings so they can adjust the frequency at which they receive notifications.

Reach your entire community - or select members & specified groups - and get oversight on who has read your notification, and who might need an extra nudge.

Connect Your Community

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