Maintain long term student success with a connected campus

The best student engagement software to make sure everyone feels connected – both on & off-campus. Collect invaluable in-house analytics to help propel your initiatives forward.

Increase retention

Increase student turn-out, engagement, and retention by helping students establish a deeper connection to campus, quicker.

Track campus sentiment

Optimize your programming and budget by tracking student sentiment while identifying what’s working, what’s not, and who might need support.

Provide 24/7 support

Make sure nobody falls through the cracks by providing students with 24/7 access to the info, resources, and connections they need.

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Over 24% of students that drop out do so within the first year

Contribute to a smoother transition to campus by providing new students and orientation leaders with a centralized platform to communicate with one another and share information so they can help foster an earlier sense of belonging for increased retention.

Share helpful resources

Centralize important information like campus resources, checklists, and other communications to help new students easily find answers to questions while familiarizing themselves with the campus environment, helping them to not become overwhelmed.

Increase event turn-out

Keep new students informed about any changes, cancellations, or additions to the orientation program, so they don’t miss out on important activities, and can develop a stronger sense of community involvement, for increased retention.

Fine-tune programming

Give orientation leaders the tools they need to enhance the orientation experience and evaluate the effectiveness of their programs. Gather feedback by conducting surveys, collecting testimonials, and accessing engagement metrics.

Student life

Less than half of college students graduate on time

Increase engagement and success by encouraging students to connect with their peers, their campus and their administrators so they feel supported, and unafraid to reach out for help, if and when they need it.

Keep families up to date

Free up valuable admin & staff time previously spent on responding to inquiries, and leverage your custom, private parent & family community to share useful notifications, resources, reminders (and more!) to keep everybody in the loop.

Remove friction

Avoid any unforeseen hurdles, conflicts, or misunderstandings by providing checklists, resources & notifications to help parents gain the insights they need to assist their students through the admissions process.

Track satisfaction

Assess the effectiveness of your communication strategies by tracking metrics such as response rates, feedback, and overall satisfaction scores so you can make the necessary improvement to ensure a positive experience for parents & families.

Res life

Around 70% of freshmen experience homesickness

Help student combat feelings of loneliness by providing them a with virtual platform to connect with other students who may be going through similar experiences. Give them easy access to community support, and offer useful resources and activities to help them feel more connected to their college campus.

Increase connections

Provide a centralized space for residents to connect with their peers, communicate with admins and engage with their housing community to foster a genuine sense of belonging for longterm participation and success.

Offer 24/7 support

Provide a space for students to seek assistance, ask for advice, or report issues, no matter the time of day, and allow admins & staff to easily monitor and respond to resident inquiries so student feel supported, even during off-hours.

Gather feedback

Help ensure that your housing & residence life programs meets the needs and preferences of your students by gathering valuable insights & feedback so your team can use it to make improvements for long term student retention.

DEI & groups

Only 65% of Black students believe that adequate resources exist to support students from traditionally under-resourced groups

Make sure that none of your students feel disenfranchised by creating designated safe spaces for them to communicate with admin, each other, or find helpful resources, easily & discreetly.

Personalize support

Provide a supportive network for underrepresented students, so they can easily connect with like-minded peers, mentors & admin, as well as get access to guidance, encouragement & helpful resources, 24/7.

Improve engagement

Empower every student to feel comfortable and confident enough to actively participate in campus activities, both inside and outside of the classroom, for a truly inclusive campus experience.

Ensure satisfaction

Assess the effectiveness of your initiatives, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions by easily conducting surveys, gathering feedback & measuring the impact of your DEI efforts.


Over 35% of college students claim that stress negatively affects their academic work

Address the challenge of limited classroom interaction and engagement by providing students with a virtual space to connect, collaborate, and support each other. Enhance the sense of community and encourage active participation to promote deeper learning experiences.

Enhance collaboration

Encourage active participation and engagement among students by enhancing communication channels and promoting teamwork, even outside of class hours, so they can easily collaborate on projects, share resources, and exchange ideas.

Centralize resources

Leverage a centralized hub for sharing important resources, announcements, and updates related to the course or program so students can easily access and refer back to them, enhancing their learning experience and reducing information gaps.

Personalize Learning

Gain information about individual student progress, strengths, and areas for improvement with Raftr analytics, so you can personalize learning, offer targeted support, and provide tailored feedback to meet students’ specific needs.

Support students from the time they apply, to long after they graduate with Raftr’s complete Campus App

Reach and engage students, alumni, faculty, and parents with Raftr’s complete Campus App.

Automatically pull and consolidate content & events from disparate websites & calendars, oversee secure & effective communication channels like targeted announcements or peer-to-peer messaging, and generate actionable community & engagement insights.

  • Whitelabel branding
  • Custom communities
  • Easy to analyze data
  • Time saving integrations

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