Save admin time & forgo duplications of work by incorporating your existing systems into your community.

Personalized Calendars

Consolidate and transform multiple calendars from disparate sources so that events appear in a single feed for each member based on their specific group membership.

Automated Group Assignments

Save time with dynamic group membership based on information you already have in your SIS, CMS, or housing software, so your people are always in the right place.

Hassle-Free Content Distribution

Integrate your existing systems and bring together all your disparate news into one view, personalized to each member, with Raftr’s Auto-Curated Content.

Enhance your community with custom integrations for any LMS, SIS, ERP, SSO, and CMS system. Or simply enjoy the standard content creation and distribution integrations included in every Raftr community.

Connect Your Community

Book a quick 15 minute call with one of our Raftr Specialists and discover how your group or organization could benefit from a smart, flexible and adaptive community platform.