Leveraging next-gen tech to promote student belonging at scale

Cutting through the static to promote student belonging

Creating a network of truly connected & informed students is crucial for long term engagement & retention. Yet, today’s students (despite being the most digitally “connected” generation in history), often feel disconnected from their campus & their peers, and struggle to belong.

And with the sheer volume of communications students receive on a daily basis, generic emails and last-generation campus apps are failing to cut it anymore, making administrators’ jobs that much more difficult.

Discover how admins can boost retention rates by leveraging an innovative mobile campus portal that not only enhances communication but also consolidates underutilized apps, all while empowering administrators to highlight what sets their institution apart from the competition.

Introducing the Raftr Community Building Framework:

Replace disparate campus apps with a mobile campus portal

Don’t waste budget on limited, generic campus apps that students won’t use, or risk your campus’ security or reputation on Big Social. By leveraging a mobile campus portal (accessible on mobile and desktop), your community’s data-points stay in-house, allowing admins to gain valuable community insights which they can use to direct future programming.

Foster genuine student & campus connections at-scale, while ensuring member privacy & security by creating centralized, inclusive spaces.

Did you know:
Facebook lost users for the first time in 18 years with about 500,000 active users dropping out by the end of 2021?

Authenticate users to keep your campus community secure

Raftr Tip:
Choose a community platform that offers multiple ways to verify a user’s ID, including custom domain authentication, custom user onboarding, or manual registration.

Unlock the full potential of your digital community without opening the door to outsiders and rest easy knowing only your students have access to your community, with custom user authentication.

By keeping your community truly private, you’ll promote student belonging, keep unwanted guests out, improve security, and reduce costs tied to security breaches.

Facilitate easy access to critical resources, event info & tools

Don’t let anybody slip through the cracks. Keeping your students informed and supported is crucial when it comes to promoting long-term engagement and retention.

By creating a designated, personalized space for students to find critical resources, useful tools, and ask questions, admins can feel confident that everyone is up-to-date on the latest information, news & events.

Did you know:
More than 60% of college students are struggling with mental health?

Track campus community sentiment and student engagement

Raftr Tip:
Choose a digital community with adjustable and customizable member permissions, so admins can use engagement data to identify active students and empower them to become campus community leaders.

Gain a bird’s-eye-view of your campus community’s sentiment & engagement data, and use it to direct your department’s overall strategy.

Discover valuable intel, like: which students might need an extra nudge, which resources are resonating best with your community, or gain sense of your students’ overall feelings regarding certain information, processes or events.

Reach students and communicate effectively

Forget hard-to-manage social media. Help students form genuine connections by allowing them to easily talk to one another and communicate with admins and student leaders in a private, digital community.

With so much information circulating these days, students often miss emails or ignore expensive text messages because they feel inundated. Make sure you’re sending the right message, to the right person or group, at the right time, so they don’t start tuning you out.

Did you know:
95% of young adults (ages 18-29) in the U.S. own a smartphone?


By moving away from generic, limited campus apps and risky social media to adopt a private digital community & insights mobile platform, admins can ensure that their campus community & student data are secure (and not increasing the profits of advertisers!).

Not only that, by requiring users to be authenticated to join, admins can rest easy knowing that only authorized members have access to their digital community, helpful resources & useful tools.

Meet today’s students where they are in order to promote student belonging while keeping them updated, engaged, and retained

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