Premium Rafts

Customize Your Community with Raftr's Premium Rafts.

Create as many sub-channels as you need for your bustling micro-communities - including private spaces for leadership to communicate.

Custom Chat Channels

Premium Rafts include an unlimited number of chat channels, each with their own customizable administrators and privacy settings. Ideal for residence halls, student groups, and other member communities.

Verified Checkmark

Premium Rafts allow you to designate areas of official communication, with a verified checkmark appearing on all Premium Rafts, highlighting the information that is coming directly from the university.

Tiered Access

Allow multiple levels of access with custom admin and privacy settings & grant different users leader or admin rights, within specific channels – with the ability to host private channels within public Premium Rafts.

Premium Rafts also allow students to connect around a shared topic, with multiple layers of administrative rights available.

Customize Your Raftr Experience

Add as many Premium Rafts as needed within your community & give your team all of the flexibility and access needed to drive engagement, foster connections, and save staff time.

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