Raftr Support: April 3 Product Updates

iOS update

  • Updated the designs for rafts’ front pages, and events and posts sections
  • Some fixes, like Raftr being a sharing option from other apps again

Android update:


  • Search feature on Explore
  • Events and posts to show less text until you tap “Read more”
  • Raftr as a sharing option from other apps
  • Option to report inappropriate chat messages


  • How events and posts are seen when opened from compact view, notifications, etc.
  • How comments and reactions are seen on events and posts
  • App to open on Events screen as default
  • Some fixes to messaging and other features

Web update:

  • Added a “View Only” feature to enable you to check out other schools via the “Visit other universities” button on your profile
  • Updated how events look when opened into an isolated view
  • Some fixes like leaders being able to update raft names

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