Raftr Support: March 15 Update

All platforms:

  • Completed foundational metrics work


  • Only the “All platforms” update this release


  • Some fixes and improvements like
    • Support selecting multiple images at once when creating a chat message or Post (all types)
    • Tagging people on default (“Everyone”) Channels will only support Raft members
    • Excluding hidden Profile info for users when included on Directories and Guides
    • Performance improvements


  • Expanded Pexels integration to provide an image gallery (similar to Giphy) when sending chat messages, managing Channel and PMG Icons, or editing Campus page
  • Some fixes and improvements like
    • Updated sent chat messages to be neutral colors (no longer cobranded, per being illegible in some themes)
    • Text cleanup, to align with Content Style Guide, when editing Campus page


  • No updates this release