Grow Your Community with a Raftr Specialized Solution.

Leverage one of Raftr’s specialized solutions to connect targeted members, or pair it with your pre-existing communities to give them a boost.

Discover Raftr’s Specialized Solutions

Give your communities a boost by pairing them with a Raftr specialized solution.

Raftr FamilyConnect

Parent & Family Solution

Keeping Families in the Loop for a Fully Connected Campus Experience.

Use Raftr to:

Create a family-wide connection to campus.

Did you know that 48% of high school students rank “parental influence” as one of their top five sources of information on the admissions process. Create a custom, private parent & guardian community and start making sure the whole family feels like they belong on campus.

Keep parents & family up-to-date.

Free up valuable admin and staff time, previously spent on responding to inquiries from parents & family members of prospective or current students. Leverage your custom, private parent & family community to send useful notifications, resources, reminders, and more, to keep everybody in the loop.

Give parents & family the info & resources they need.

Provide checklists, resources & notifications to help parents gain the insights they need to assist their students throughout the admissions process – or the entire campus journey – and avoid any unforeseen hurdles, conflicts, or misunderstandings.

Raftr YouBelong

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Solution

The Best Platform for Building Custom, Private, Online DE&I Communities.

Use Raftr to:

Provide accessible safe spaces for your students.

Make sure that none of your students feel disenfranchised by creating designated safe spaces for them to communicate with admin, each other, or find helpful resources, discreetly.

Create a community where every student can belong.

Enrolled students—especially minoritized students—struggle with feeling disconnected while trying to navigate college life. Give them a private, custom community to help them find their niche, their people, and get judgment free support, however suits them best.

Gain Actionable Insights About Your Students

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Raftr GetCurrent

Enhanced Portal

Centralize Your Essential Campus Resources Into a Single Portal.

Use Raftr to:

Provide a mobile one-stop shop for student resources.

Provide students with a single, centralized location where they can get easy access to all of the campus resources they need, ask questions, and find the support they need to help them retain.

Combine multiple event calendars for a unified experience.

Leverage Raftr’s AI software to pull in multiple campus event calendars into a single, unified view, so students (and admins!) can save time, easily see what’s going on, and engage with their campus.

Target students with relevant events, news, and information.

Forget campus apps that overwhelm students with too many notifications and irrelevant information – target students with the news, event information, and communications that matter to them personally, so they don’t start tuning you out.

Build effective communication channels while collecting useful metrics & start creating larger impacts with smaller budgets.

“We’ve come a long way with Raftr in a very short time! Raftr’s support throughout the process allowed us to set up our communities effectively with hands-on guided implementation help and now we’re able to see how users interact with our communities.

I am overall quite satisfied with the early data and we’ll use this information to make decisions for next year.”

Heidi Buffington
Director of Admissions
Saint Louis University – Madrid

Connect Your Community

Book a quick 15 minute call with one of our Raftr Specialists and discover how your members & admin could benefit from a smart, flexible and adaptive digital community building & retention platform.

Connect Your Community.

Book a quick 15 minute call with one of our Raftr Specialists and discover how your members & admin could benefit from a smart, flexible and adaptive digital community building & retention platform.