Top 10 Free Apps for College Students

top free apps for college students

Apps for college students - StudyblueStudyBlue

College students can save time, money, and paper (go green!) by creating decks of digital flashcards with StudyBlue. The app provides a familiar card flip movement while going through the deck, with added features that can help students track progress, discover which information they are struggling to retain, and the ability to share decks of cards with classmates.

Apps for college students - EvernoteEvernote

Evernote is the best way for college students to keep their notes organized and up to date. Users can create individual digital notebooks for every course, mark tabs, add photos, set reminders and more. To add the cherry on top, everything automatically syncs across all your devices so you can access notes anytime, anywhere.

Apps for college students - SpotifySpotify

While there may be conflicting thoughts on whether music helps or hinders information retention, nothing is worse than auditory distractions that you can’t control. As the family in `A Quiet Place` discovered, bigger noises are sometimes needed to drown out the smaller but more distracting noises, such as library chatter and roommate conversations. Spotify provides free unlimited music streaming access to users and offers a great student discount for premium services.

Apps for college students - GrammarlyGrammarly 

As the saying goes – “Work smarter, not harder.” Grammarly is available on macOS, Chrome, iOS, and Android to help you be the best writer you can be. Not sure if you should put a comma there? Grammarly has the answer. It’s the perfect solution for those late-night typos and grammar mistakes that are often and easily made. 

Apps for college students - SelfControlSelfControl

The internet and all it has to offer can easily suck up time and cause distractions and addictions, and while it is nearly impossible to break up with Big Tech in 2019, there is a short-term solution. Although only available on macOS, SelfControl allows users to completely block themselves from using websites of their choice for a selected amount of time. For college students who struggle with concentrating during online research and end up on BuzzFeed or YouTube instead, it may be the best solution. Just be prepared for the inevitable feeling of internet withdrawal.  


????☕️????????????⛽; the list of things you might owe your friend or roommate money for goes on and on. College students today aren’t paying each other back via cash or check though, opting instead for digital payment methods such as Venmo, which offers fee-free instant payments between users. According to Forbes, 79% of 18-24 year olds have used a digital payment service at least once in the past month. Why? It’s easy to use, moves money instantly, and deters the classic “Sorry, I forgot my wallet” con.

Apps for college students - RaftrRaftr

When surveyed, 70% of college students said they frequently miss out on-campus events, simply because they didn’t know about them. Raftr can help solve this and other problems for administrators and students alike, by combining the hodgepodge of multiple campus calendars all into one simple to use, organized app with social features to boot.

Fooducate health appFooducate

While MyFitnessPal and similar health-oriented apps are great for counting calories and tracking exercise, Fooducate focuses on educating users about how nutritionally valuable the food they are eating is by providing a familiar letter grade for each product. College students can help combat the dreaded freshman fifteen by discovering which foods will get them an “A” and which will have them failing to meet their body’s needs.

LinkedIn business professionals appLinkedIn

Why would anyone put 4+ years and thousands of dollars into a college education and not use it after graduation? With over 500 million users LinkedIn is one of the most heavily used professional websites on the internet. Not only is LinkedIn a way to find or be found, but it can give users insight into companies they may be interested in working for in the future. It’s a great tool for college students looking for internships, a post-graduation job, or just looking to network with professors and alumni.

Mint financial appMint

For many college students, freshman year will be the first time they have to really begin taking responsibilities for their own lives, including their finances, and things can add up quickly. Mint is a great (and free!) financing app that lets users connect their bank accounts, student loans, credit cards, and more into one easy to use app. Students can create budgets for things they regularly buy, and reminders for bills they need to pay.

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