Raftr Support: Attracting New Members to Your Rafts

You’ve created a new raft. Congratulations! The next step is to build your community by attracting new members to join your raft and inspire conversations. The more active your raft is, the more enticing and engaging it will be to existing members, as well as to potential new members.
The best ways to attract people are to keep your rafts active by posting, commenting and chatting regularly, and to respond to others’ posts and messages in a timely manner. Another benefit of having an active raft is that activity increases the chances that rafts will show up in the discovery sections of the app – Explore and Search. A great way to get started is to invite people that you know, and that share your interests, to join your raft. Right now, the easiest way to do this is to use the “share” button the raft’s front page. You may also ask people you know to come to Raftr (raftr.com, in the App Store, and in the Play Store) and join your raft.

People you invite to join your raft (and also people you may not know, who share your interests) can discover your raft in the following ways:

  • If its privacy is set to Public or “Private – Open”, its posts will appear in the “Popular” feed on the Posts screen (go to Posts screen and tap/ click the “Popular” text at the top of the screen), accessible to everyone in the app.
  • If its privacy is not set to Secret, it can show up in the “New Rafts” section on Explore for seven days after it is created.
  • If its privacy is not set to Secret, when it has ten or more members or ten or more actions in the last month, it will be listed in Search and is eligible to be listed on Explore in sections other than “New Rafts”.
  • If its privacy is not set to Secret, it will be included on the profile of each of its members, including your own (in “Raft Memberships” section, as well as in the activity feed if the member has been active on it and it its privacy is set to Public or “Private – Open”).

Have fun building your community! We hope to feature it one day on the Explore page.