Raftr Support: February 14


  • Chat UI updates on all Channels and PMG’s
    • Re-introduced archives on Info pages and removed filters
    • Updated banners (ie: prompts to vote on Polls or see oldest unread messages)

Both Mobile Apps:

  • Improved video uploading
  • Introduced loading state while images or videos are uploading, with option to cancel the upload
  • Chat UI updates on default Channels: Re-introduced archives on Info pages and removed filters


  • Replaced “Campus” with neutralized language in more places throughout the app
  • Updated app to open with app icon (instead of prior animation) to ensure White Label apps open with their name instead of Raftr (note that this was already done on Android)
  • Updated Profiles to more comprehensively support YouTube links


  • Enabled filtering account creation by a date range
  • Infinite scroll on registration codes page, as well as updated empty state text there
  • Incremental report permissions
  • Enabled support for member list downloads to respect all filters on the page, as well as manually selected users


  • Updated marketing site from pro.raftr.com to www.raftr.com (As of Feb 2nd)