Raftr Support: September 28 Update

All platforms:

  • Continued metrics improvements, including new option for tracking “claimed” accounts more accurately
  • Some fixes and improvements:
    • Enabled hiding the Channels section on Premium Rafts when there are no Channels to show there
    • Renamed carousel on app-level Events page to “Popular Events”
    • Removed the Raft carousel on the News page
    • Updated Events section on Home page to include AGC


  • Continued cobranding support
  • Updated app icon and Play Store screenshots
  • Some fixes and improvements like preventing some crashes and updating navigation from the Home page’s All section


  • Continued cobranding support
  • Refreshed UI for Raft Home pages, including some updates to the header and Info page
  • As part of this Raft Member lists are now exclusively accessed via the member icon in the header
  • Updated app icon and App Store screenshots
  • Introduced the option for Raft Leaders to delete Rafts
  • Some fixes like showing the most recent Event on a Raft’s Events page when there are no upcoming Events and some performance improvements


  • Introduced the option to create text-only Highlight sections on the Campus page (ie: no Extension, image, or map needs to be attached)
  • Replaced bookmark, file, and media archives for default Channels with filters in the conversation view
  • Some fixes and improvements:
    • Reintroduced an Announcements section on Rafts
    • Updated content on Home page to reflect various statuses like frozen or restricted
    • Updated some onboarding text and graphics
    • Updated UI for the “see all” view for Pinned content on Rafts
    • Updated navigation from the left sidebar to ensure Rafts always open the Raft Home page and Channels always open the Channel’s Chat page
    • Fixed timestamps in Digest emails, to be based on the community timezone

Admin Portal:

  • Introduced export option on Member Management page
  • Introduced option to set the default page for the community – this determines whether the app will open to the Campus or Home page when a user first installs or opens the app (note: Android support still pending on next release; this update will impact web and iOS immediately, which means it can be used now but will not impact Android until the next release)
  • Some fixes and improvements:
    • Enabled hiding Personas that are unavailable for the active community
    • Improved switching between the main web app and the Portal for multi-community users and (internal) users logged into separate accounts
    • Updated UI for editing user accounts
    • Added an extra, confirmation step when performing platform safety actions on the Raft Manager page