Raftr Support: November 22

All Platforms:

    • Introduced optional Topic on Channels, including the ability to Search for Channels by Topic (note: all existing Channels will inherit their Raft’s Topic with the rollout of this feature, and any new Channels created after this arrives can have a Topic added when the Channel is created, or later in its Settings menu)
    • Raft and Channel creation and Settings updates to have more consistency with each other and add info explaining what a Raft / Channel is
    • Some fixes and improvements, including performance improvements


  • Some fixes and improvements, including
    • Recurring Events show only upcoming instances in upcoming list
    • Poll images have same shape in all views
    • Updated empty states for Task completion viewed


  • Some fixes and improvements, including share menu now opens over the navigation bar (instead of behind it)

Admin Portal:

  • These lists are now downloadable:
    • Rafts
    • Raft members
    • Channel members
    • Community page editors
  • Updated “Campus” page to be known as “Community” page