Raftr Support: April 13 Update

All Platforms:

  • Updated Explore to be a Campus page, including options to pin Announcements in the header and add additional, departmental subpages (via Admin Portal) – this also includes new “Highlight” sections which can be added to the top of any subpage


  • Expanded support for multi-community membership
  • Account creation and onboarding updates to support cobranding (for cobranded communities), neutralize UI (for non-cobranded communities), and simplify UX
  • Some fixes like preventing crashes related to profiles and the Campus page


  • Expanded support for multi-community membership
  • Some fixes like new options for tagging people in chat messages on public rafts when they are not yet members of the channel or raft and making it easier to tag people in comments


  • Updated Scheduled Posts to be available for Pro/Premium Raft Leaders and Co-leaders (with a 2 per Raft admin per day limit) instead of being available for ProUsers, and added a calendar view
  • Renamed “Shortcuts” to “Extensions”
  • Some fixes like:
    • Adding options to join Rafts when trying to interact with content
    • Updating “Interested” tooltip to be available on Events feed when user first views it, and added a new “Interested” info message the first time someone marks themself as interested in an Event
    • Making some accessibility compliance improvements