Raftr Support: September 12

Admin Portal Updates

AGC Updates
Users can now edit existing standard AGC sources.


New Engagement Nudges
To enhance engagement, a new nudge has been introduced on the web platform, urging users to mark their interest in events.

New Phone Number Functionality
With the latest round of updates, our team has incorporated a new feature that allows for the recognition of phone numbers in text fields. Now, when users encounter a phone number within a text field, they can simply tap on it, and it will automatically open the phone app.

Updates to Checklist & Event Check-In Downloads
Our team has made updates to the Checklist completion and Event check-in downloads, which will now include additional fields for email address and student/member ID’s.

Member Limit Fix
Our team has implemented a fix to properly enforce the member limit, ensuring that only the specified number of members can be invited to the Basic Raft.

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