Raftr Support: August 02

Admin Portal Updates

Restricting Raft creation by privacy type
In order to enhance customizability, the system has been updated to allow for restricting who can create Rafts, based on privacy types. This new feature provides admins  with more control over the creation and accessibility of Rafts in their community, contributing to a more customizable and secure user experience.

Removing content from Rafts
The latest portal update now enables admins to easily remove content from Rafts – even if they are not a member – to provide a more flexible and dynamic environment for organizing and managing data. This new functionality allows for efficient content curation and allows admin to refine and update their community’s Rafts according to their evolving needs and preferences.

New Premium Rafts Settings
Premium Rafts now offer enhanced admin management capabilities, allowing admins to control various settings such as auto-join, member leave permissions, content creation privileges, and chat configurations for all Rafts – even those they do not belong to – from the portal. This expanded range of settings empowers admins to customize their community’s Premium Rafts to suit their specific needs and preferences, providing a seamless and tailored collaboration experience.

Mobile Updates

Recognizing phone numbers in text fields
The latest update to Android and iOS introduces the ability to recognize phone numbers within text fields, which enables users to easily initiate calls by simply tapping on the numbers.

This update streamlines the process of making phone calls, eliminating the need to manually input or copy phone numbers and enhancing the overall user experience.

Opening social apps from links
The recent update also addresses the issue of opening social apps directly from links in Post & Event descriptions as well as Extensions, providing users with a seamless experience when accessing and interacting with social media content. This enhancement allows for a smoother and more integrated workflow, enabling users to easily navigate between the app and social platforms to view and engage with content.

iOS & Web Updates

Updated Events card
The updated Events’ card view for iOS & Web now (Android got this update on the last release!) offers a streamlined layout by removing the display of locations, ensuring a more uniform and visually cohesive presentation across different Event views.

Additionally, the active Interested icon (star emoji) has been aligned with other Event views, enhancing consistency and providing a seamless user experience.