Raftr Support: June 20

All Platforms

Admin Portal Member Settings
Introducing support for managing whether or not members can create their own accounts in the app. Now, Admins can specify in the Admin Portal whether or not members are permitted to create their own accounts in the app, helping to streamline the account creation process and ensure that only authorized members are granted access.

Rafts & Channels
The recent update ensures that in-app member counts for Rafts and Channels exclude unclaimed accounts, providing a more accurate view of the active community and streamlining member management overall. With this update, admins can be assured that the member counts accurately reflect the number of active members, making it easier to manage Channels and Rafts effectively. Please note, the admin portal view will still include unclaimed accounts.

The recent update ensures that notifications for new posts are delivered in a timely manner, without any delay or interruption. Now, members can stay up to date with the latest posts and engage with their communities more effectively, enhancing the overall member experience and boosting community engagement.

Mobile Updates

URL Display
The latest update adds clarity to the error message regarding supported characters for names, providing members with a clearer understanding of what is permitted – creating an overall smoother member experience.

Android Updates

Notification Troubleshooting feature
The new Notification Troubleshooting feature on Android offers members a convenient way to identify and address issues related to app notifications, providing a more streamlined and efficient troubleshooting process.

By giving members more control over their notification settings, we hope to enhance the overall member experience and ensure that notifications are delivered effectively.

Android & Web Updates

App-level Events Feed Updates
The recent updates to the Android and Web App-level Events feed (coming soon to iOS) include a “My Schedule” option, allowing members to easily view and manage their schedules in one place.

With this option, members can quickly see events they’re interested in, view those events’ details, and even remove those events, providing a more comprehensive and customizable scheduling experience.

IOS Updates

Location Updates for Profile & Rafts
Introducing support for removing locations from Profiles and Rafts, giving members more control over their privacy and adding greater flexibility. Members can now easily remove locations that are no longer relevant or that they’d prefer not to share, providing a more personalized experience.