Raftr Support: July 12

Admin Portal Updates

Managing Email Domain(s)
Introducing the ability to manage email domains. Now, Admins can specify which email domain(s) can be used to create member accounts, using the sign up flow. This does not impact the accounts created via admin uploads or accounts created via registration codes.

New Multi-Community Authorization
Introducing the ability for admins to add members (only for communities they manage) to multiple communities. Admins can now add people (individually and in bulk) to a community, even if they already have an account on Raftr in another, unrelated community.

Managing Content in Channels
The recent update has also enabled the option to delete all content from a Channel.

Re-Adding Members to a Community
Introducing the ability to re-add community members (individually and in bulk) who were previously removed from a community. This feature allows community administrators to re-invite members who were mistakenly removed or were previously removed for other reasons.

Google Analytics GA4 Updates
Also new in the Portal: member and session reports have been updated based on Google Analytics’ transition on July 1st from Universal GA to GA4.

Android Updates

Notification Troubleshooting Feature
The new Android update now offers the option to send and receive test notifications, helping to troubleshoot issues easily.

This feature allows users to confirm that notifications are properly set up and functioning as intended. It can help identify issues related to notifications not being received, being delayed or blocked, and address them quickly.

iOS Updates

Notification Troubleshooting Feature
The new Notification Troubleshooting feature on iOS offers members a convenient way to identify and address issues related to app notifications, providing a more streamlined and efficient troubleshooting process.

By giving members more control over their notification settings, we hope to enhance the overall member experience and ensure that notifications are delivered effectively.

Event Feed Updates
The app-level Events feed for iOS has received updates, with a new “My Schedule” option being introduced.

This feature enables users to create a personalized schedule of events that they plan to attend, making it easier to manage their time and prioritize their attendance.