Raftr Support: October 24

Admin Portal Updates

Introducing action logs
The latest implementation of action logs allows administrators to easily track and monitor the specific actions performed by each admin within the Portal.

Account creation by persona
Since our latest round of updates, admins are now able to manage account creation by Persona.

Updates to Portal access 
The latest updates have enabled admins to manage access to the Portal by permission group.

Broadcasting welcome messages on Channels
Admins are now able to broadcast welcome messages to Channels, enhancing communication and efficiency.

All Platforms

Posts feed updates 
To enhance the user experience, the system introduced updates to the posts feed. This included the addition of a new recent posts section at the top of the feed, as well as improvements to the existing filters, allowing users to easily access the most relevant and recent content.

Updated Raft admin pro/demotion 
To streamline the administrative processes, a significant update was made to the Raft admin system. This update allowed for direct promotion or demotion between any ranks, eliminating the need to follow an incremental order of ranks. 

Mobile: Basic Raft member limit fix
To address a critical issue, a fix was implemented to ensure that the Basic Raft member limit is properly enforced during the process of creating a Raft. With this fix in place, administrators were now able to invite members without exceeding the designated member limit, providing a seamless and error-free experience during the Raft creation process.

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