Raftr Support: August 23

Admin Portal Updates

AGC Page Updates
Introducing the new page for viewing standard AGC sources and adding new ones! While editing existing AGC sources won’t be possible until the next release, this new feature allows users to easily see and add new sources.

Student ID Updates
With the latest update, it is now possible to enable managing the Student ID requirement, giving administrators even more control over the student registration process.

Timezone Updates
The new feature that enables managing timezone allows users to set their local time zone and ensures that all date and time-related information is displayed accurately.

Left Sidebar Enhancements
Collapse the left sidebar with ease thanks to our latest update, which introduces collapsible functionality. Additionally, we’ve introduced a new sidebar on the Member Management page, providing quick and easy access to relevant information.

Mobile Updates: iOS & Android

New Nudge Functionality for Events
Our latest feature introduces a nudge to encourage people to mark their interest in events, making it easier for organizers to plan and execute successful gatherings.

Mobile Updates: iOS

Updated media selector 
Thanks to our latest update, the media selector now uses a native option, resulting in a more streamlined and intuitive user experience when selecting and uploading media files.


Update to sidebar: Member Rafts
Through our latest update on Web, we’ve revamped the left sidebar to exclusively showcase member Rafts, delivering a more simplified and focused user experience for managing and interacting with your Rafts.

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